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Censorship is happening.
It starts with a social media post or a video, then you may lose access to your hosting provider.

youtube blocks prageru ten commandments videos, restricts to 'mature audiences'

YouTube is restricting access to PragerU's videos on the Ten Commandments, labeling them as mature content that's “inappropriate” for “sensitive” audiences.

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Don’t Let Google Get Away With Censorship

There is an understandable reluctance among conservatives to allow the government to pass any laws governing big technology companies as a result of their hostility to conservative voices.

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Privacy in the digital world is difficult. Some email companies do read your private emails. If they are biased against your mission, they could have options to discriminate your company.

Google Will Keep Reading Your Emails, Just Not for Ads

Why trust in the kindness of strangers, when you can put your trust in a service provider that will not judge you or your business…

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Our end to end encrypted data transmission protection exceeds all industry standards.

Connect from anywhere, safely.

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Do it yourself with easy to use tools or discuss options with our incredibly helpful design and development engineers.

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Your online identity is a critical part of your digital security.
In addition to proactively keeping your data secure, we will monitor social media for disparaging references and commentary.

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Your data is safe with Liberty.

Using the same high standards as our Private Networks, sleep easy knowing that your data will be protected and available to match your needs.

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We will never read your email to sell you toothpaste. Your privacy is our main concern.
You will have access to email and calendar that is simple, secure, and private.

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We recognize a shifting online landscape and its impact on organizations. Our commitment is to offer services that align with your values.

Never worry about deplatforming, bad actors and censorship again.

We believe you deserve a technology platform that respects you.

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